Gingerbread christmas tree decorations

People bring various souvenirs from abroad. Last week I was on Christmas Fair in Prague and I bought there a bag with cookie-gingerbread molds. First I’ve tried molds of gingerbread christmas tree ball. Made them from two hemispheres sticked with icing. It is important to not let them grow too much during baking and they should be very thin – then it is very easy to stick them. I use the recipe for domino

Gingerbreads balls can be decorated with icing like traditional gingerbreads or dipped in loose icing and coated in sugar.






Gingery candlesticks

Cut off stars or any shapes you want from gingery dough. It is important to cut different sizes. In smalles star cut off (using round form or small glass) a hole which will be 2-3 mm larger than tealight. Bake like in the recipe.

After baking decorate with icing, stick when it’s decorated by putting smaller star on the bigger one.


swiecznik piernikowy4

Christmas tree decorations

Those decorations came into being as a by-product of icing gingerbreads :). Delicate and lacy. Maybe even too delicate, because two of them died in confrontation with Tosia – our cat :).

This is very easy to make them. Icing should be a little thicker than that to icing gingerbreads. Draw a pattern on a graseproof paper (with black marker or something) and then turn it on the other side – the pattern should be from below because marker can colour the icing. Wring the icing on it and leave until it’s dry.

zawieszki z lukru5

zawieszki z lukru3

zawieszki z lukru4

Let’s start icing gingerbreads :)

Gingery domino was a great beginning of annual icing gingerbreads. It takes only preparing icing, colouring stuff and other ‚gingery’ decorations and you can start working ;). I have to admit, that though colourful gingerbreads look very attractive, for me the most beautiful are those decorated only with white icing.






Gingerbread domino



800 g flour

300 g icing sugar

100 g grounded nuts

10 g baking soda

200 g margarine

4 eggs

1/3 cup honey

2 tbs spice

3 tbs cocoa

Mix margarine, icing sugar and honey until it’s smooth. When the dough is homogeneous add eggs. In another bowl mix flour, grounded nuts, soda, spice and cocoa. Add dry ingredients to the dough (that one with eggs) slowly and mix slowly with mixer. Dogh is loose when it’s ready. Wrap it into the foil and put into the fridge for a night. Next day it will thick and you’ll be able to roll it out. Use a flour when youre roling it – the dough is very flexible and you can roll it very thin.
You can bake it next day – it doesn’t demand laying and waiting for baking. Bake it for 6-8 minutes in 200 C degrees.



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